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    We build fast and effective web sites - ones that are well thought out and well built.  We use the latest SEO tools and information to give you an optimized Google ranking.  And all web sites are mobile ready to work well with all screen sizes, including pads and smart phones.

With our experience and our effective tools, you can have a successful web site at an affordable price.

    We also build top of the line inventory management systems.  Your distribution or manufacturing company can have a greatly improved profit margin and a higher service level - a result of demand forecasting and automatic optimal Purchase Orders.

Web Sites / Web Applications                    

  • Have a dynamic web presence - with minimum maintenance.
  • Have control of your site's content without having to call a developer.
  • Have a web site with a strong generic Google ranking (Search Engine Optimized) and thus get the results you seek.

    With 15+ years of web site building, we know what it takes to build and market a successful web site.  And we know how to set up a web site that uses databases - and how to also make it easy for you to manage that data.

We offer rock-solid, effective web sites including:
  • Web site content that you can easily maintain and grow
  • Web applications that dynamically customize to your users' identity
  • Automatic web page re-creation from your changing databases
  • Web server extensions to store data and to add capability *

We use WordPress for an up-to-date look with a fast response.

                        * Using PHP and MySQL for a fast response

Inventory Management                    

  • Reduce your inventory - while you improve your service level.
  • Reduce your costs of purchasing and of order entry.
    We know about the rough-and-tumble real world of inventory - and how to tame its compounding costs.

We have custom-built tools for manufacturing and distribution inventories, featuring:
  • Just-in-time support systems, with demand forecasting and optimized P.O.s **
  • Cycle Counting
  • Web, EDI, MSI, Transnet data transfers

** Just-in-time support systems and demand forecasting            
include graphical views of your numbers and their trends.

Tools that work!
Tools that are intuitive and easy to use.
If you know what you want, we can build it.

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